SJC.vote – One resident's guide to voting in St. John's County elections
SJC.vote – One resident's guide to voting in St. John's County elections
Click into each race below for details on each candidate, as well as my recommendation.
2020 Candidate Guide for St. John's County, FL Election
About this site
This is Phil's guide to voting in local St. John's County, FL elections. As I research the candidates on my own ballot, I will publish my notes here.
My motivation for publishing this is to help inform other voters in St John's County / St. Augustine, FL on local elections. This site will be focused on the local races, not on national elections. It will be especially focused on non-partisan races.
Like every election, I received my mail-in ballot and found a list of names I didn't recognize. I started searching online to try to find out about each race and each candidate so I could make a reasonably informed decision, but found it difficult to find relevant information online.
This year, I decided I would publish my findings and how I made my decision, in case it's helpful for other voters.
Am I the most informed voter in St. John's County? Nope. But I think I researched a lot more than the average voter, and given how little information is easily found online when searching for candidates names, hopefully this site is helpful as a starting point for some voters.
I welcome polite/civil feedback at [email protected].
Other good resources
Learn about statewide and national candidates on https://ballotpedia.org/Sample_Ballot_Lookup.
How to vote
votesjc.com: Register to Vote, Get Election Information, Check Your Record Online, Request to Vote by Mail or Request a Voter Card Online.